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    Dublin City on a Winters Day (by GissaneM)

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    Dublin Ireland

  3. While in Dublin.


  4. I hope everyone is having a peaceful and happy end of the year!!
    I’m sorry about the lack of posting. Things have been incredibly busy lately. Family has been in town and I’m preparing to leave for a semester abroad in Ireland (I leave in 5 days!?!).
    Thank you all for your continued support. I’m so glad I started this blog to show my photography- it has been a wonderful and challenging experience.
    I anticipate that posting will continue to be slow as I prepare to leave and then settle in in Ireland. However, once things start to balance out I am incredibly excited to show you all the photographs I take in Ireland. I’ll start a travel blog soon too- so keep a look out for that URL if you are interested!
    Thanks again for everything and happy holidays!

  5. Abandoned House in Keota, Colorado. July, 2013.


  6. "My advice to students is to work a lot and enjoy working. After a time the project will pick you. Work is also not just using the camera but researching, reading, asking questions, critiquing, etc. Practice. Improvisation. Evaluation. We call it work because it is not easy and doesn’t necessarily get easier. The reward of this is the many small and big discoveries that are outside of what one knows and what one would know by just thinking about it all. Bad days don’t mean bad pictures and vice versa - just keep going."